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Moreni City, a sounding name in the history of Romanian oil, an important center of industry oil extraction in the past and today also, and in the automobile industry, textile and complex equipment, it was until 1968 part of the District Campina, being linked to the Prahova Valley; Today is township of the Dambovita county.

Due to its location in Subcarpathians area outside of Prahova and Ialomita, in a small depression, an area of contact between the higher hills in the north and descended to the south and the high plain piedmont Cricovul Dulce - it was safe conditions for residents that came to these lands, contributing to a lasting settlement. The plain with high places, wooded hills covered, easy access and permanent connections with the surrounding areas, have allowed the development of the settlement.Moreni City is located at central eastern limit of Dambovita county , developed along the river course Cricov, where the ground is stable, showing a slight slope from the hilly area to the riverbed. Moreni city administrative territory covers an area of 3,514 ha., and in its territory there are no other localities.

The ratio between the built surface area and city administrative territory (including neighborhoods belonging - Bana, Tuicani and Pleaşa) is 5.5.
A full overview of the natural landscape in which is located the town of Moreni, comes through some elements of an wider area than its administrative territory.

Moreni City is bounded by the following geographical coordinates:
• parallel 44o 57' 50'' şi 45° 00' 09'' latitude N
• meridian 25o şi 25o 39' 10'' longitude E
Moreni city neighbors are:
• To the north it is Iedera Comune, which is bound to Moreni through many roads. The asphalted road to the village 710A road, divides Iedera de Jos of Moreni over a distance of 6 km. On the right side of the river, the district Stravapoleos - Moreni city Tisa village is linked to the river Cricovul Dulce (Ciocoieşti) through a forest road that follows the old road of "salt and oil."
• To the west, at a distance of 6 km, on the 720 county road, is Gura-Ocniţei old village on the estate DRAGANESTI that in certain historical phases stretched to Pascov valley, found today the Moreni area of administration. The road goes to targoviste, the county seat;
• To the south is village Ghirdoveni (Cricoveni) part of I.L. Caragiale, being neighbor of Moreni for a distance of 6 km. on the road;
• Eastward, Diţeşti village of Filipeştii de Padure (Prahova county) and Moreni is linked by an asphalted road 720, Targoviste - Băicoi.
Project "Rediscover the petroleum flame"

Moreni Municipality initiative, the "Rediscover the petroleum flame" is co-financed by the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Axis 5 - "Sustainable development and tourism promotion", Key Area of Intervention 5.3 - "Promoting tourism potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination. "

During the two years of implementation (2012 and 2013) through Project was aimed the promotion of natural elements, folklore and folk art from Moreni and the surrounding areas in order to become an attractive tourist destination and to develop area for business.

Actions and events organized within this project were targeted:
• a study in the first year of implementation, about choosing the best fairs in order to achieve a more efficient promotion;
• participation in fairs and exhibitions in August, during the 2 years of implementation, in order to create visibility and promote tourism in the area, attracting Romanian and foreign tourists and tourist circuits include area;
• creating a travel portal ( in the first year of implementation, which allows access to information as varied and tourist interest, which will be available to all and after the project;
• producing and distributing promotional materials indoor and outdoor, during the 2 years of implementation;
• online marketing (internet marketing), during the two years of implementation;
• organization and conduct of the two festivals directed to all categories of tourists, one in each year of implementation.
In the town of Moreni there is a long tradition in the extraction of oil, being a representative element of this area. In 1691 it was built the third oil platform in the world and the first in Romania.

As geolocation, Moreni is located in Targoviste Plain on Cricovul Dulce river. Vegetation completes the specific landscape of the area being rich and varied from zones predominance of herbaceous vegetation, crossing the land of culture and reaching the deciduous forests surrounding the area like a belt. Moreni as are the sulfurous waters of wekend support tourism and spa treatments. Also, you will certainly be delighted by the beautiful deciduous forests and landscaped area of the river Dulce Cricovul.

The main tourist attractions of the city and its surroundings are:
• Church „Schimbarea la Față" - 1868;
• Church dedicated to „Adormirea Maicii Domnului și Sfântul Dimitrie" (1891-1895) from Stavropoleos neighborhood;
• Monument of War 1916-1918;
• Drilling wells and oil extraction and oil sites
• Museum of Art and traditions of the School No. 1;
• Germans Casemate historical ruins and some ruins of tunnels connecting to Ploiesti;
• Municipal stadium with 10,000 seats;
• Sângeriş hill, natural motocross track, unprecedented through length and degree of difficulty.

Moreni can be a starting point for other touristic attractions:
• Reservation of Zimbru "Neagra" Bucşani;
• Museum Complex Royal Court (Curtea Domneasca);
• Dealu Monastery;
• Cantacuzino Palace Floreşti (Little Trianon);
• Memorial House I.L. Caragiale.
Upon completion of this project we appreciate that the targets set were achieved, so to convince you of tourist potential of the area, we expect you to visit us and to re / discover the petroleum flame that still burns for us all!

For more information about the project visit
It is important to keep, preserve and perpetuate the traditions and existing resources!


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