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The "Rediscover the Flame of Petroleum" Festival

20 Decembrie 2016
The "Rediscover the Flame of Petroleum" Festivalhover

The "Rediscover the Flame of Petroleum" Festival enjoyed the presence of nearby localities through manifestations of the winter traditions specific to each area. The tone was given by representatives of the I.L. Caragiale who presented us a traditional folk costume parade under the guidance of Mrs. Tudorache Camelia, on the occasion of the opening of the festival. Decorating Hall of Festivities was made with the support of children and laureate coordinator Laura Medar, a volunteer in the creation circle, "Forms and Colors", as well as the children from ILCaragiale commune, the next day the festival offered competitions. Under the guidance of Prof. Baniceru Elena and Mrs. Laura Medar, where the young talents expressed their creativity inspired by the winter holidays. The history contest included crews from the Moreni schools and high schools that followed our invitation, where they responded To a questionnaire with questions about the history and culture of the Moreni area On the last day of the festival were present all the villages neighboring Moreni by participating in the Alai of Winter Traditions where each village or commune came with the specific customs: "Capra, Ursul, Plugusorul, Colinde, Sorcova", dressed in popular costumes. Thus, the groups from: Gura Ocnitei, coordinated by Mrs. Alina Stanc, Valea Lunga coordinated by Prof. Manica Romeo, Visinesti coordinated by Mrs. Mihaela Petrica, Filipestii de Padure coordinated by Bianca Aldea, ILCaragiale coordinated by Pupezescu Alice and last but not least Moreni in a more modern way on guitar rhythms and trumpet. The festival culminated in the show "Rediscover the flame from the soul" that took place at School No. 3. Here the communes and the surrounding villages once again showed their craftsmanship and songwriting, along with the group of children from Moreni, from Art Canto Morena, under the guidance of Prof. Calinet Daniela, and a Pucioasa dance group coordinated by Prof. Ionescu Sorina The warmth recital at the end of the show was supported by Mirabela Nica, a professor at the Targoviste School of Art, Together with his guests.
Thank you: The Filipestii de Padure City Hall, the I.L. Caragiale City Hall, the Gura Ocnita City Hall, the Valea Lunga City Hall, the Visinesti City Hall, the Pucioasa Children Club, the Art Canto Morena Association, the Moreni City Hall Hall and all those who have attended this festival.




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