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The list of historical monuments and buildings with architectural and ambiental high value, also includes 3 historical- memorial monuments.


The heros monument from the first world war is located in a special place near the „Schimbarea la fata" church which was founded in 1868. It was the creation of Alexandru Irimescu and was inaugurated in 1921. The massive, square pedestal made from reinforced concrete (1,40m tall), supported by a two step base, is highly decorated by a pyramid body, with rounded corners made from reinforced concrete (2m tall). The end of the body presents an urn in the shape of a flame. On the face of the column on the upper side a oak leaf crown made from metal is mounted, and at the base there are two flags, olive branches, a military helmet and two projectiles represented in relief. On the monument is written „ 1916-1918."Dead heroes for the country".


Another first world war monument was made by the villagers of Stravropoleos. It is built near the current Moreni Hall, and was unveiled in 1934. On a 4m high pedestal, made from two rectangular volumes, and with a square section of reinforced concrete, stands bronze the „roude - bosse" statue, of an armed soldier in attack position(1,70m tall). On the sides we can see fight scenes from the first world war.

The heroes monument from the antifascist war is located in the central park of the city and was built as under the initiative of the local committe. It was revealed on the 23rd of August 1958, built in memory of the Romanian fighters who fought hard between 24-26 August to disarm german troops, near Moreni. The monument is made from mosaic concrete, the body of wich is pyramid in shape, ending at the top in a straight cornice.


With a height of 3.5m the monument is pegged at its four edges with a cannon projectile. Inscripted on a marble plate mounted on the face of the monument: „In the memory of the soldiers and people of Moreni who in August 1944, fought for the freedom and independence of our country, crushing Hitler's troops in this area"


The monument located on the top of „Sospiro" hill, near the cemetery, honors the fighters from the Second World War. In the construction you can see homage to the Romanian army, to unshaken faith in victory, but also to the huge losses that our country sufferd countless times. Less publicized and located near Stavropoleos church, the monument built by"Dambovita's subsidiary war veterans" could become a touristic site. The monument was designed by retired Lieutenant Colonel Lemnaru Eugen, and was unveiled on the 9th of July, 1994, in the presence of a large audience.


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