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Here in Moreni, there are 5 buildings designed to shelter the faithful during holy liturgies and other services, when confessions are made and gifts offered up. In general, the churches named "Schimbarea la fata", "Stanftul Mare Mucenic Pantelimon" and "Sfintii Imparati Constantin Elena" in Moreni, "Sfantul Dumitru" in Stavropoleos and "Izvorul Tamaduirii" in Schela Mare, were constructed in the shape of a cross, with the altar oriented towards the sunrise.

"Schimbarea la fata" church - dating back to 1868


The church which remains today was built by the locals, poor at the time but who became landowners after Cuza's reform. Construction commenced after the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, and ended in 1868. The new church was built by the locals but the greatest expenses were covered by the leaders mentioned in the church inscription. The paintwork was done by Mihalache Dragomirescu from Bucharest.


In 1938, the painting was renovated by artist N.T.Vintilescu, from Ploiesti, with the most recent work being done by Victor Corlatean.


Alongside the church, you can find a replica of the "Church Bell", a historical monument demolished and rebuilt, but maintaining its original shape.


Another crucifix in the churchyard,, built in 2004, is a reminder of the Christian faith, followed by the majority of Moreni folk.


Data confirming the existence of the church in the Tisa-Stavropoleos area before the second half of the 20th century is inconclusive. The year 1714, engraved on the church bell, offers two alternatives - either the existence of a church in the village in that period, or the possibility that the bell was brought from another church in Piscuri (the version believed by the author).


At Tisa church, located after the church in Moreni, the yard was transformed into a cemetery and in 1893, the old building was put back into use for specific religious services - funerals, memorials etc.


In 1954, during the war, construction of a new religious building, consecrated after the war.

The church in its natural surroundings, impressive through its architecture and especially appealing to the eye of a specialist.


Immediately following the 1st World War, church attendance was less common. Only the fold of Ardeal kept piety and felt the need to listen to the divine Sunday masses. Over the years, the larger holidays would attract many, even during Communism, when the churches would overflow with followers.


In 2008, the "Sfantul Mare Mucenic Pantelimon" Church was finalized and built close to the Moreni Regional Hospital.


In 2014, the "Sfintilor Imparati Constantin si Elena" Church was finalized and built on Republic Boulevard.

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Biserica ”Adormirea Maicii Domnului”- ”Sf. Dimitrie”-Stravapoleos 1891-1895Biserica ”Schimbarea la Față” 1868Biserica ”Sf. Mare Mucenic Pantelimon” 2002-2008